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April 18 2018

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April 16 2018

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April 13 2018

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April 12 2018

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April 11 2018

"I did 7 years of research for Man In The High Castle. [...] It took me 7 years to amass the material on the Nazis and the Japanese, especially on the Nazis, before I could sit down and write. That’s part of the reason why it’s a better novel than most of my novels, that I knew what I was talking about. There wasn’t anything I didn’t know. I had prime source material at the Berkeley Cal Library from the Gestapo that they had seized after WW II. It was marked, for the eyes of the higher police only. The higher police is their term for – I was forced to read Gestapo diaries, the Gestapo men in Warsaw, Gestapo agents. I had to read that stuff. I had to sit there because you couldn’t take it out of the library. You had to read it in the stacks. I had to read what those guys wrote in their private journals to write Man In The High Castle. And that’s why I’ve never written a sequel to it. Because it’s too horrible. It’s too awful. I started several times to write a sequel to it and I would had to go back and read about Nazis again. [...]
Writing was a catharsis for me. It was the research that was so tough. I thought I hated those guys before I did the research. After I did the research then I had created for myself an enemy that I would hate the rest of my life. Fascism. Wherever it appears. Whether it’s in Germany, the United States, Soviet Union or anywhere. Fascism, wherever it appears, it is the enemy."

- Philip K. Dick

April 04 2018


April 02 2018

Einer fragte Herrn K., ob es einen Gott gäbe.
Herr K. sagte: "Ich rate dir, nachzudenken, ob dein Verhalten je nach der Antwort auf diese Frage sich ändern würde. 
Würde es sich nicht ändern, dann können wir die Frage fallen lassen.
Würde es sich ändern, dann kann ich dir wenigstens noch so weit behilflich sein, dass ich dir sage, du hast dich schon entschieden:
Du brauchst einen Gott."

Aus "Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner", Bertolt Brecht
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OHH my goodness look at these pics of the baby elephant at the zoo in tucson she got a box of hay for her 6 month birthday and she was so happy she fell over 


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March 31 2018

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